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7 Mask Noah theater by Kikugawa

In contrast to Noh theater, actors of the kabuki theater usually do not wear a mask. To characterize a role, kabuki uses kumadori, the painted faces. For more information, take a look at our page about kabuki terms.

But there is one exception. Masks play a major role in the kabuki play Nanatsumen - The Seven Masks. This play is one of the famous "Eighteen Kabuki Pieces of Ichikawa Danjuro", also known as kabuki juhachiban.

It is a quick-change piece, in which the protagonist plays a Noh mask maker who transforms himself into the characters of different masks, dancing their parts. This play is seldom performed today.

Okina, Hannya, Shojo, Kijin type mask, Kitsuné the Fox, Usofuki and Yamauba.


Meiji Period / Early 20th Century

Signed Kikugawa

Signs of wear and age patina

4.5 cm x 3 cm

7 Mask Noah theater by Kikugawa

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